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Divorce Agents Inc. is the only system that enlists new agents which enables them to add a new source of revenue and has been in existence for over 10 years; we have helped numerous customers with their legal needs. We help consumers represent themselves (pro se litigation) in uncontested legal matters by preparing/typing the necessary legal documents to court standards.

We offer high quality, accurate and affordable legal document preparation.
By doing it themselves, consumers usually save 50-70% of the typical fees and costs.

Divorce Agents Inc. serves customers who cannot afford the high cost of attorney fees, as well as those who can - and simply choose not to.
Become one of Our Agents
New York State Only!

You can call us and see if your location is available. Unlike other types of franchise services, we sign up new agents by county, we limit only 5 new agents per county in New York State.
To initially qualify you must own a store front business or have an office in a commercial area.

We do all the paperwork, you just fill out a questionnaire form, collect the fees from your client and we do the rest. We pay you a part of the preparation fee, all commisions are determined by a commission scale, the more your monthly average is the higher the commissions paid. Interested? Give us a call at 718 941-5100, or email us at NewAgents@divorceagents.com